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Self Portrait model fully rigged and skinned. This is an old project that

I worked on in my spare time in order to learn how to create a fully rigged character. Since making it I decided to add a Sci Fi look, for posible use in a future short film I have in mind.

LOR Day 001 Sunset 1920 pix.jpg

The 'Liverpool Over Head Railway' was demolished in 1956. Using reference images found off the internet, books, and from sourcing stock footage I re-created the trains, trams the Pier Head station, the railway line and surrounding buildings as 3D models. 

I created this model after being impressed with the space battle scenes in Ron Moore's 'Battlestar Galactica' remake, and the show overall. I wanted to try my hand at animating hand held shots with crash zooms and learn how to use particle systems to create missiles.

Reveal 02 A Thumb.jpg

For this short film I created concept art and 3D models which where then composited into a small number of scenes which had to be motion tracked (with no markers). I also had to rotoscope live action footage in order to replace the background with a new CGI environment.

Shankly Stage 02.jpg

Z Brush Experiment. Initial model was built in 3Dsmax and imported into Z Brush which was then modified to allow more detail such as wrinkles and skin pores. This detail was then retained into a normal map which was then applied to the low poly mesh for a real time version which was to be used in an AR app. The project was abandoned but this was my first attempt with Z Brush.

This is a work in progress for a promotional video for a product that was in development. The product was a 360 projection set up for an office that would allow more than one office to work together in real time wherever they where situated in the world. It was also designed for people working remotely to interact with their colleagues whilst working from home. 

Laduma Bake 01.jpg

During the early part of the Pandemic, during the first lockdown, I began to build a VR Trade Show as real life Trade Show events had all been cancelled at the time. I began by creating some low poly booths which had to be texture baked so that they could be viewed in real time in Unity.

Rorke's Drift 01 Render C.jpg

This project was intended to be presented as an immersive experience on a 360 screen in South Africa, depicting the battle of Rorke's Drift. placing the audience in between the outpost and the approaching Zulu's.


For this project I had to design an exhibition for a trade show that made use of rooms with projections that all contained a UK theme.

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