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Self Portrait model fully rigged and skinned. This is an old project 

I worked on in my spare time in order to learn how to create a fully rigged character. Since making it I decided to add a Sci Fi look, for posible use in a future short film I have in mind.

LOR Day 001 Sunset 1920 pix.jpg

The 'Liverpool Over Head Railway' was demolished in 1956. Using reference images found off the internet, books, and from sourcing stock footage I re-created the trains, trams the Pier Head station, the railway line and surrounding buildings as 3D models. 

I created this model after being impressed with the space battle scenes in Ron Moore's 'Battlestar Galactica' remake, and the show overall. I wanted to try my hand at animating hand held shots with crash zooms and learn how to use particle systems to create missiles.