The following images are taken from the concept trailer for 'Spring Heeled Jack' which I wrote and directed. They where shot on a Canon C300. I am responsible for all keying, motion tracking and grading etc.

Daniel Herring 003A
Daniel Herring 003A COMP
Daniel Herring 003B
Daniel Herring 003B COMP
Daniel 001
Daniel 001 COMP
Ash and Nomi 002A
Ash and Nomi 002A COMP
Ash and Nomi 002B
Ash and Nomi 002B COMP
Daniel Jia 001B
Daniel Jia 001B COMP
Daniel Jia 001A
Daniel Jia 001A COMP
Daniel Herring 001
Daniel Herring 001 COMP
Ash Rifle 001A
Ash Rifle 001A COMP
Ash and Nomi Binoculars 001
Ash and Nomi Binoculars 001 COMP
Ash and Nomi Binoculars 002
Ash and Nomi Binoculars 002 COMP
Ash and Nomi Binoculars 003
Ash and Nomi Binoculars 003 COMP
Ash and SHJ 002
Ash and SHJ 002 COMP
Daniel Herring 005
Daniel Herring 005 COMP
Daniel Jia 002
Daniel Jia 002 COMP
Daniel Jia 003A
Daniel Jia 003A COMP
Daniel Jia 003B
Daniel Jia 003B COMP
Daniel Jia 001
Daniel Jia 001 COMP
Daniel Herring 004C
Preacher 002
Preacher 002 COMP
Daniel Herring 004C COMP
Daniel Herring 004B
Herring 001B
Herring 001B COMP
Herring 001A
Herring 001A COMP
Daniel Herring 004B COMP
Daniel Herring 004A
Daniel Herring 004A COMP
Daniel Herring 002B COMP
Daniel Herring 002A COMP
Daniel and Nomi 001
Daniel and Nomi 001 COMP
Daniel 003
Daniel 003 COMP
Ash Binoculars 001A
Ash Binoculars 001A COMP
Daniel 002
Daniel 002 COMP
Ash Fire 001C
Ash Fire 001C COMP
Ash Fire 001B
Ash Fire 001B COMP
Ash Fire 001A
Ash Fire 001A COMP
Ash and Nomi TOL 001
Ash and Nomi TOL 001 COMP
Ash and SHJ 001
Ash and SHJ 001 COMP
Ash and Nomi 001A
Ash and Nomi 001A COMP
Ash and Nomi 001B
Ash and Nomi 001B COMP
Herring 002A
Herring 002A COMP
Herring 002B
Herring 002B COMP
Herring 002C
Herring 002C COMP
Herring 002D
Herring 002D COMP
Ash and Herring 002B
Ash and Herring 002B COMP
Ash and Herring 002A
Ash and Herring 002A COMP
Ash 002
Ash 002 COMP B
Ash and Herring 001A
Ash and Herring 001A COMP
Nomi Head Butt 001
Nomi Head Butt 001 COMP
Preacher Strangle 001
Preacher Strangle 001 COMP
Preacher 001
Preacher 001 COMP
Nomi Henchman 002A
Nomi Henchman 002A COMP
Nomi and Preacher 001A COMP
Nomi and Preacher 001A
Nomi Henchman 001A COMP
Nomi Henchman 001A
Nomi Henchman 001B COMP
Nomi Henchman 001B
Nomi and Preacher 001A COMP b
Nomi 001
Nomi 001 COMP
Jia and Nomi 001
Jia and Nomi 001 COMP
Herring 003A
Herring 003A COMP
Herring 003
Herring 003 COMP
Herring 002
Herring 002 COMP
Daniel Preacher 002C
Daniel Jia 004
Daniel Preacher 001 COMP
Daniel Preacher 001
Daniel Preacher 002A COMP
Daniel Preacher 002B COMP
Daniel Preacher 002A
Daniel Preacher 002C COMP
Daniel Preacher 002B
Daniel Jia 004 COMP
Herring 002C