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Media Wall / Promotional Animation

This is a work in progress for a promotional video for a product that was in development. The product was a 360 projection set up for an office that would allow more than one office to work together in real time wherever they where situated in the world. It was also designed for people working remotely to interact with their colleagues whilst working from home. 

The idea was to show people working in an office with the Media Wall set up, the camera would pan out of the building and ascend up through the clouds and beyond the Earths stratosphere. The camera would then pass a satellite before it descended back to Earth in a second location with another Media Wall, showing the office workers in the first environment on the screen interacting with the office workers in the current location.

To create the city I used the Greeble plug in to create both separate cities and the satellite and plane where just a simple models. The mountains where created using noise and displacement maps, and the clouds where created using a volumetric cloud  plug in.

Below are some screen grabs with clay rendered and textured versions.

Below is the same city viewed from a different angle

Below are screen shots from the animated sequence with motion blur applied in post.

Each city was created in one day, but my first attempt (see below) looked too futuristic so I have decided to save this for a possible future project.

Below are screen grabs from the office scenes. Due to time restrictions scanned characters where purchased from 'Render People' and skinned in Mixamo which allowed me to apply motion capture to them. The animation on the character models only needed to to be tweaked a little by hand. The images on the walls where given to me by the client.

More Screen grabs depict people drawing on the walls and displaying graphs which can be seen on the laptop of the person working from home in real time. Also included is the image of the Satellite.

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