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Rorke's Drift

This project was intended to be presented on a 360 screen in South Africa, not far from where the famous battle of Rorke's Drift took place between the British Army and the native Zulu's.

The project would have been a short immersive film that placed the audience in between the outpost and the approaching Zulu's. It would have also placed the viewer behind the sandbags.

Unfortunately the company decided instead to take pre-existing art work that is no longer under copyright law and project that onto the walls with a voice over narrating the events. 

Again this is another work in progress but I built a model of the outpost and I had began animating Zulu soldiers using motion capture.

The models where again built low poly as we where discussing using it in Unreal Engine with live action footage of  re-enactment groups.



Hospital 001
Hospital 002
Hospital 005
Hospital 006

Store House

There are various artistic interpretations of how the outpost looked during the time period including physical model kits that can be purchased online.  I chose a version that looked closest in resemblance  to images of how it exists today and worked around that.

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