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Showreel CGI / Compositing 2017

Much of the work I have carried out over the years has not been included in my Showreel for various reasons, incuding signing of NDA's and also because some of the work does not  demnostrates my abilities. 

The  work I have chosen to put on my reel consists  of personal projects which I feel do demonstrate my abilbities. The work included has not been produced in collaboration with anyone else, meaning I am responsible for all 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, skinning, animation, compositing, motion tracking, grading and editing.

I enjoy lighting, setting up shots and compositing as much as I enjoy modeling, so I have spent quite some time on the showreel towards creating scenes with the models I have built from scratch.

Green Screen Breakdown Reel

Seperate from my main CGI reel I have put together some Green Screen composities from a personal project I carried out a few years ago, which is currently on the shelf for the time being.

The shots consist of motion tracking and grading. More details regarding this project can be seen below.

Spring Heeled Jack Trailer

The following is a concept trailer pitch that I wrote and directed for a feature film. I opted to shoot entirely against a green screen, because the locations where I wanted to film where too expensive. Quite a few people helped out on this project.


I am responsible for all CG work, compositing, editing, motion tracking, editing and grading.

The project was filmed over the course of three days and is currently on the shelf for the time being.

Liverpool Overhead Railway:

The Liverpool Overhead Railway was demolished in 1956. Using reference images sourced online and from photographs in books I have re-created part of this seven mile long railway in 3D, which includes the Pier Head Station, the train, carriages, trams, and the surrounding buildings which include 'The Three Graces of Liverpool'. This work is to be used in a documentary currently in post production.

Were Bears:

My client wanted to show how he could adapt his concept (which was a toy line and comic book in the 90's) for a modern audience via CGI, whilst retaining the original look. I had to model the characters based on the illustrations provided and rig them. The transformation from cute teddy to were bear (werewolf like) appearance was achieved using morph targets.

Darts CGI / Compositing:

This test was carried out in order to see if it was a feasible option to create CGI  darts for a complex series of shots to be used in a scene which revolves around a game of darts.

Battle Ship:

Composting Breakdown of a 3D battleship I created, using particle systems to create explosions, bullet and missiles.

Space Battle:

Just three shots that required extensive work with particles, lens flares and compositing in general.


Small breakdown of character flying his ship in a space battle.

Face Rig:

Face Rig demo, animated using morph targets / blend shapes using reaction manager to work the slider controls. Eyelids react to eye controller.

Take 101 Interview:

Interview for Take 101, broadcast on 'Sky TV' the Nollywood Channel. Answering a set of questions regarding 'Spring Heeled Jack'.

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