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The Drowned Sci Fi Short

My first task was to design a metallic orb that had to be divided through the middle. The model was rigged so that the top and bottom halves would rotate in opposite directions to each other. 

The Director also liked the idea of a red light through the centre that could be animated in time with the audio emmited from the orb.

My second task was to add a post apocalyptic scene to a live action plate, for which I created various 3D buildings in ruin,  along with a football stadium and tower which needed to have a beacon / hologram on top. The director wanted it to be reminiscent of Toronto.

When I composited the buildings over the live action ocean it just didn't look right, so I rotoscoped the character and replaced the entire background.

The shot was hand held and had to be motion tracked with no reference for markers

I created CGI grass using the hair and fur modifier and applied wind. The strength and direction of the wind had to match that of the actress in the scene.

I also had to be careful where I placed the directional light as the shots that take before and after show the character looking out to the city with the sun on her face. I used the directions of the shadows on her face to help work out where the sun would be. There was no VFX Supervisor on location during the shoot.

Original Plate

Rotoscope Background Removal

CGI Grass

Wireframe Environment

Below are two lighting set ups with two grading versions, during the time the film was being graded by a colourist and he requested a warm and cooler version.

Light Set Up 01 Cool

Light Set Up 01 Warm

Light Set Up 02 Cool

Light Set Up 02 Warm

Volumetric Clouds

The final image contains added volumetric clouds.

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