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Virtual Trade Show

During the early part of the Pandemic, (during the first lockdown), I began to build a VR Trade Show as at that time all real life Trade Show events had all been cancelled. I began by creating some low poly booths. I was given photographs of a booth used by the company previously, plus others that I used for reference.

The models all had to be low poly, UV mapped and texture baked so that they could be viewed in Unity, in real time.

Because each booth is partly illuminated by it's own light sources, (and some have more than a few), I set up the render to texture feature with the booth lights on and I added a low intensity ambient light into the scene, this was so any directional light could be added and easily re-positioned in Unity.

Below are examples of lighting set ups (in the scene) used for texture baking, note there is no directional light (sun) casting shadows over anything in the scene, again, this is to allow more freedom to create lighting set ups within Unity.

Bake 01

Below are just a few examples of the baked textures.

It was a fun project to work on, unfortunately the companies new CEO who took over didn't see the potential in having a VR Trade Show for his business and instead decided to opt for another project, a 360 wall projection set up which can also be seen in the gallery section of this website under 'Media Wall'.

The environment, I think, could make a great multiplayer tournament game. Playing around with it in Unity I realised that there where all kinds of interesting areas to hide and set up sniper positions due to the odd shape of the structures and layout of the the facility.

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